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Sharpening & Grinding 

Service is the ultimate edge. Keep it sharp.

KAMADUR will take care of all your needs for sharp industrial knives. Not only by supplying high quality new knives, but also by providing
the best quality sharpening service. In our European Service Center we sharpen for all industries including straight knives, circular blades and milling cutters.

With state-of-the-art equipment, experienced operators and know-how, we can sharpen the cutting edge of your knives back to optimum condition, also incorporating a quick turnaround of your knives. Constant investment in equipment and knowledge guarantees your knives are always operating as good as new ones.  

Dull knives re-ground to their original geometry provide the best quality cut and longest lifetime between knife changes. By investing in the quality of your sharpening service, you extend the lifetime of knives and lower the cost over the lifetime of the tools. We can document the progress of your knives in detailed measuring reports.

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All requirements for industrial knives, wear parts and services from a single source.

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