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Sharpening straight knives

Also known as:Regrinding straight knives , Grinding service straight knives

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In our European Service Center we sharpen straight knives up to 6.000 mm: paper cutting knives, granulator knives, shear blades, ice scraper knives and many other types. The angle, surface finish and straightness of resharpened knives are identical to new knives for optimal cutting results. Knives are resharpened in sets with equal height when required.

By using the highest quality grinding stones, we achieve the best finish for your cutting process. All inlaid blades are straightened before being sharpened. 

Technical specifications
Type Services
Application Plastic, Paper, Board, Non-woven, Film, Foil, Labels, Packaging, Carpet, Bags, Ice resurfacers, Metal, Guillotines, Saddle stitchers, Sharpening service, Grinder, Cutter compacter, Regrind, Flakes, Agglomerat, Pellets, Granules, Scrap metal, Crumb, Shredder, Corrugated, Rubber, Aluminium, Cables, Copper, Shred, Tyres, WEEE, Magazines, Books, Wood
Compatibility Able, Accrapak, Adast, Alpine, Artec, Artech, Automatik, Avian, AWC, Bay Plastic Machinery, Bexmac, Bielomatik, Blackfriars, Blumer, BOA, Bronneberg, Centricut, Challenge, CMG, Como, Condux, Coperion, Cumberland, Desterol, Dreher, Eisbär, Eldan, Elmaksan, Erema, Fagor, FAS, Ferag, Fimi, FL, Forrec, Gamma technica, Genox, Georg, Gross, Guidetti, Hellweg, Henschel, Horauf, Horizon, Illig, Jagenberg, Jud, Jylhavaara, Kolbus, Kongsklide, lcecat, ldeal, Lefort, Leimbach, Lenox, Lindemann, Louritex, ltoh, Maag, Mandelli, Marquip, Maxima, MG, Mohr, Muller, Novastilmec, Nuga, Okay, Olympia, Omac, Paal, Pallmann, Pasaban, Pasquato, Perfecta, Pieret, Pivano, Polar, Previero, Pulian, Rapid, Redoma, Robust, Roll-o-matic, Romatec, Scheer, Shini, Sierra, Stahl, STF, Stokkerrrill, Strachan and Hensaw, TRIA, Vecoplan, Vespa, Vezzani, Wanner, Weima, Will, WM, Wohlenberg, Zeno, Zerma, Lemo, Muller Martini, Herbold, Folcieri, Getecha, Herold, Ideal, Itoh, Hosokawa, Ming Lee, Moser, Tecnofer, Ustun, Klanke, Neue Herbold, Wipa, Krug+Priester, Schneider Engineering, Schneider Senator, Dexter Lawson, EBA, Purui, Costarelli, Weiss, Ermafa, Gamma Technica, De Breuk, Copex, Genesis, Moros, Dupon, Icecat, Ettlinger, Brehmer, Heidelberg, Macey Harris, Osako, Bruks, CBI, Erjo, Pierret

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