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Sharpening milling cutters

Also known as:Regrinding rotors, Sharpening service rotors, Grinding service rotors, Sharpening cutting rotors, Rotor sharpening, Sharpening service

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We sharpen milling cutters according to OEM specifications. Multiple Schneeberger CNC machines ensure premium quality resharpening. The machines are capable of grinding from 50 to 1000 mm wide rotors. In our European Service Center we re-sharpen the full profile of the rotor, the main advantages of which are: 

  • Higher quality of pellets, due to using original cutting geometry

  • Reduction of dust, fines and incorrect pellet shapes

  • Easy, quick and correct set up of cutting gap

  • Longer lifetime between sharpenings

  • Longer overall lifetime of rotor due to limited metal removal

  • Lower cost over lifetime of rotor 

All re-sharpened rotors are returned including a measuring report detailing all important parameters. Bearing maintenance, shaft adjustments and general repairs are provided when required.

Steel qualities resharpened including toolsteel (WS), powder metallurgic steel (PM), stellite (SL) and tungsten carbide (HM). 


Technical specifications
Type Services
Application Plastic, Compound, Masterbatch, Pellets, Granules
Size USG, ASG, SG, SGU, ASP, PRIMO, PRIMOplus, SP, SGS, GCD, ASL, 900-4, 750-3, WSD, WS, AXP, BX, SB, BT, CXP, SG-E, G
Compatibility Accrapak, Automatik, Bay Plastic Machinery, Coperion, Cumberland, Dreher, Erema, IPS, Maag, Previero, Rieter, Scheer, Pell-tec, PT-Maschinenbau, Conair, Glaves

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