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Coating pulverizers

Also known as:Coating pulverizer disks, Coating pulverizer segments, PVD coating pulverizers

Increase the lifetime of your pulverizer

We offer PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coatings for pulverizer disc and segments. All pulverizer discs and segments can be coated for better lifetime between sharpening and better quality powder. Our sales managers can recommend which coating is most suitable for your equipment and input materials.

Coated pulverizer discs and segments have a better wear resistance when processing inputs without (mineral) contamination:

  • TiN
  • TiCN
  • TiAlN 

With PVD coating, a metal layer material is evaporated under heat. At the same time, a reactive gas is added, which combines with the layer material and is then deposited on the tools. In order to achieve a uniform surface, the workpieces are rotated around several axis during the coating process. 





Technical specifications
Type Services
Application Plastic, Compound, Masterbatch, Powder, Regrind
Size ZM300, ZM500, ZM800, AFH1D, PKM300, PKM500, PKM800, PM300, PM500, PM800, PU300, PU500, PU650, PU800
Compatibility Orenda, Pallmann, Previero, Wedco, Zerma, Herbold, Neue Herbold, Reduction Engineering

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